Refer Friends and Investors to receive $DEXTF.

As a Fund Manager, you have a unique Referral Code that can be shared via social media to potential investors to promote your fund strategy.

Get 1,000 $DEXTF every time a user invests $100 USD or more into your fund using your Referral Code. The investment must be kept for at least 10 consecutive days.

The more users invest using your code, the more $DEXTF you earn.

As an Investor minting new tokens using a referral code you will receive 500 $DEXTF the first time you invest at least $100 USD.

The $DEXTF rewards will be airdropped to Fund Managers and investors once a month, directly into wallets.


The Fund Manager can find the Referral Code in the Manage view, and clicking on the "?" icon opens up a hint panel:

The user can copy the Referral Code (mouse over the REFERRAL CODE) and/or the Custom Login Link (mouse over the CUSTOM LOGIN LINK). The Custom Login Link is a link to the Dapp homepage with the embedded Referral Code.


The Investor that has received a Custom Referral Link will have the Referral Code automatically applied to all the Fund Manager’s funds (upon login). Funds with a referral code will show it on the left of the fund row:

Alternatively, an Investor can apply a Referral Code in the input field in the Mint/Redeem panel:

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