DEXTF is constantly evolving and building for tomorrow, which is why we are extremely proud to announce that we are rebranding ourselves to DOMANI (pronounced do·​ma·​ni, and meaning tomorrow in Italian). With the protocol moving away from its roots in Ethereum and adopting a multi-chain strategy in partnership with Avalanche, Solana and Algorand, our team believes that it is now time to change our branding to better align it with our values, vision, and strategy. Asset management is tedious. DOMANI is here to change that. Our plan envisions democratizing token management for all through the gamification of the industry. We felt that DEXTF, was a far too formal and clunky name for such a fast-paced, and ever-changing industry. DOMANI, (tomorrow in Italian), explains us perfectly and signifies a remarkable inflection point for the protocol.

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